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Firstly, let me say a huge thank you to the following valued clients and colleagues:

The Expo went well, the format was well received. Thanks for your seminar presentation. We do a comprehensive survey at the end of the event and your presentation rated an 8.0 (out of 10), which was in the Top 5 of the whole presentations given over the 3 days. It was well received, good comments coming from franchisees. They liked having an ‘outside’ voice speaking to them.

Evan Foster
National Director -Australia United Franchise Group

                       That you very much for your visit yesterday , it was both motivating and very inspirational for me and all of our team and there was a great buzz around the place this   morning – in fact one of the most unlikely staff members was keenly enquiring if ‘’Mr. Hadfield was coming back today’’? Opalescent has been in my blood for a total of 32 years and I have worked here as if it was my own company and , given the tough time we have all clawed our way  through this past year , your visit and message gave me great renewed confidence for this company’s future – thanks again !

Ross Jones
Opalescent Signs - Newcastle - www.opalescentgroup.com.au

I find John is able to relate to all people, especially those whom he feels he can add value to their business. It’s a naturally born talent, that John simply cannot help himself but to be a valuable mentor and has high level of commitment to anything he sets his mind, heart and head to.

Warren Haakma
Past NZSDA President owner Aspect Signs - New Plymouth NZ - signs.org.nz

I came to know John through our mutual interests within the Screen printing and Sign industries Associations. John is a passionate and sharp business minded individual with many years experience as a business owner in both the screen printing and sign industries.

Clem Johnson
Federal President - SGIAA Brisbane QLD -  sgiaa.asn.au

We started working with Control Zone at a time when our business was growing and needed to be restructured to take advantage of increased opportunities. Control Zone worked very closely with our management team to review both our personnel and procedures to devise an effective structure and strategy to position our company to take optimum advantage of the market.

Grant Olufson
Associate Director – A & W Industries Sydney NSW -  awsigns.com.au

Pathfinder Systems Australia are happy to recommend Control Zone, the work John has carried out for us was excellent considering the low budget he had to work with. His knowledge and the way he handled our file in a professional manner was very good. We will not hesitate to use his services again.

Celestine P. McCuskey
CEO - Pathfinder Systems Australia www.pathfindersystems.com.au

When you have the need to find products and services, develop systems and procedures, or get comparative research data across a range of new equipment, Control Zone is the name that immediately jumps to mind. We have found the extensive knowledge John Hadfield possesses of the signage, exhibition/display and printing industries gained from operating businesses in Australia and abroad for the past 30+ years is second to none. I have no hesitation in providing a testimonial for his company, to provide a cost effective solution for any project they take on, they deliver the correct outcome on time every time.

Peter Hillier
Limelight Digital Milperra NSW

John’s wealth of experience has bought a new dimension to the way we approach the marketing of our product, this added with his expertise and experience in manufacturing has given Klass direction thus impacting positively on the bottom line.

Chris Sinclair
Director Klass Pty Ltd Kingsgrove NSW - klass.com.au

I genuinely believe you’ve given a lot to this industry, both as a working member in your own business and now in your position as a respected advisor to the leading industry body ASGA, and to individual sign industry companies, whether they be members or not. I think the most precious gift a person can give is sharing the wisdom attained over many years in the ‘school of hard knocks’ , you’ve done that in spades.

Ken Pobjoy
Image Magazine, Sign Industry Pricing Guide Perth WA - www.imagemagazine.com.au

As General Manager of the Visual Industries Suppliers Association, I have sort and received great assistance from John in all aspects of running this well respected Association. The Committee of this Association, which comprises of the heads of many leading companies in Australia, namely Roland DG, Avery Dennison, Hewlett Packard, 3M Australia, Fuji Sericol, to name a few. This Committee has always asked John to join it’s Business Forums and welcome John’s input and respects his knowledge and business skills.

Peter Harper
General Manager Visual Industries Suppliers Association Epping NSW - visa.org.au

John, just a short note: the self managed web site and emarketing solution is really working for us and you have provided some great solutions for Celmac, especially the website. I am getting quote requests already.

Andrew Wells
Celmac National Marketing Manager Brunswick VIC - celmac.com.au

Advance Metal Products have had a long and successful association with John Hadfield of Control Zone. We have found John’s vast experience and knowledge of the sign industry invaluable in evaluating several projects and products. His expert guidance has resulted in many benefits for our organisation in terms of project management and product development.

Ian Stone
CEO Advance Metal Products Ingleburn NSW www.advancemetal.com.au

We used Control Zone consultants to advise us in the start up and marketing strategy of our business. We were very happy for the professional advice and it was a pleasure to work together. I highly recommend their services.

Tony Fischli
Danthonia Designs Inverell NSW - danthonia.com.au

Just a note: To thank you for your assistance in knowledge of processes, product, management and particularly personnel in the Graphics and Sign industry. We can all research processes and product, struggle through all the gurus management thesis. But discovering people who are straight is hard to do. I like your statement, “Lend me your watch and I’ll tell you the time”. I have one from people who espouse having had 20 years experience. “No, you have had one year twenty times over”. You are one of those individuals with true 30 successful years experience.

Barry Scott
Managing Director Scott Signs Launceston Tasmania

John’s experience means that anything I talk to him about, he’s already been there and done that, I’m getting advice from someone that knows what’s going on, that is invaluable. He has a real knack of explaining things so anyone can understand them.
Control Zone always leaves us with renewed energy and positive direction, it affects everyone in the shop, it’s great.
Note from John…. “When Mick sent me these additional comments I laughed my head off!” I sort of hoped he was joking? Then when it came to inserting these comments on my website I pondered “You know this is what it is all about! I like making positive changes and these real comments are what I offer! Thanks Mick for your honest down to earth perspective, Please enjoy
John is F%#*&!g scary, when he turns up make sure you have had six coffee’s and have a tape recorder handy because having Control Zone at your business is like putting a bomb under your business.

Michael George
Managing Director MG Signs Newcastle NSW - mgsigns.com.au

I have know John for approximately 20 years during which he has been a client, mentor and friend which he still is to this day. John is a person of the highest possible personal and professional credibility, a person who operates by a belief system that ensures respect for everyone with whom he comes into contact, a person who lobbies for change not just for the sake of change, but to institute greater logic, effectiveness or advantage for all involved. John actively pursues and creates relationships with advocate or competitor alike in pursuit of greater goals and seeks to learn and educate along the way.

Geoff Lewis
Intrasphere Technologies New York USA

John’s business acumen, his communication skills and the awareness of people and their potential has enabled him to assess and value their contribution. Another of his assets is the ability to take on board and implement new ideas, new concepts and see outside the immediate possibilities of a project, it’s future and to see it through to the success.

Les Berridge
Past President NZSDA Life Member NZSDA (Retired and enjoying life)

My partner and I attended your workshop at the Gold Coast expo recently and were most impressed by your presentation. You are very skilled at putting your audience at ease and offer a sincere and motivational approach to your audience.

Tina McLaren
Director Big Promo Pty Ltd Caniaba NSW - bigpromo.com.au

He has also shown a high degree of dedication when working with interstate organisations and has assisted and advised many companies when taking on a new direction in products and gaining much needed information to ensure a smooth change.

John Craddock
Program Manager Victoria University Sunshine VIC

Having dealt with John Hadfield as a client and business associate over the past 20 years I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Control Zone to any client wanting to improve their business model and processes.

Michael O’Connell
CEO A S Fisher Pty Ltd Homebush NSW - asfisher.com.au

Over the years we have used several consultants to assist us… none better that John Hadfield.  John listened and helped us refine our requirements and also proposed a comprehensive plan to communicate what was happening to all involved so there was no resistance to the changes.   John is the only consultant we have used who has actually owned and run his own very successful company and upon reflection we consider that was an important difference to others.   He is committed to ensuring he delivers value.   Naturally I have no hesitation in recommending John as a rational, knowledgeable, effective consultant in many areas of business development or improvement.

Bill Walsh
Managing Director Central Signs Pty Ltd Kirrawee NSW - centralsigns.com.au

Control Zone (John Hadfield) has been developing the business side of the The Sign Association of Australia over the past 3 years. With the many issues facing organisation today, John’s innovative and professional approach has helped us increase our membership and lift the profile of the ASGA.   We have over this time increased membership by over 300% largely due to John’s innovative approach and guidance.   We are extremely happy with the marketing and public relations work also done by Control Zone and hope to continue our working relationship well into the future.

Barbara Enright
ASGA Past National President Owner Silverwater Signs Silverwater NSW

We were looking for someone in the sign industry who could give us an independent professional assessment of some work that had been carried out for Larry Adler Ski and Outdoor Group. We found John Hadfield to be totally professional and very creditable. His knowledge of the sign industry and technical understanding of all aspects of the sign industry was exactly what we needed to deal with the problems that we had encountered. His written reports were of an extremely high standard and were most comprehensive. He attended a conflict resolution meeting with us and his non confrontational and helpful professional approach was very much appreciated by us. We have no hesitation in commending John Hadfield as an ethical, knowledgeable and helpful person.

John Rae
Larry Adler Ski and Outdoor Warriewood, Jindabyne NSW - larryadler.com.au

What has impressed me most in my dealings with John is his positive and supportive attitude in all his business dealing. John has come up with some excellent ideas for the further development of our product and some great ideas for how MySite Partners can improve their sales. He has always been willing to freely share these ideas with us and with other Partners, who are essentially his competitors, as he firmly believes that “all ships rise on a rising tide”.
John has always been a great advocate for our business and his openness, creativity and unwavering positive attitude have helped us to become better business people ourselves. I think John’s grass roots understanding of the challenges faced by small business and his approach to business would make him a valuable asset for businesses.

Colin McEown
Director MySite Design Pty Ltd Brisbane QLD - mysite.com.au

John would be an ideal candidate for assisting businesses grow their knowledge of business process, manufacturing methods and marketing. His wealth of knowledge in the working of small business and having worked at the coal face for many years in his own successful company would be invaluable to the corporation.

Celestine McCuskey
CEO Pathfinder Systems Australia Preston NSW - www.pathfindersystems.com.au

I wanted to let you know the response to the website has been great. Mainly easy to read and navigate and love the videos. They also commented that it was simple to understand what our products were. It’s all the right things I wanted to hear.

Mark Roker
CPrint Board Industries Thomastown VIC - printboard.com.au

Thanks once again for yesterday, you certainly got us revved up! We all got lot's out of it and I am glad to have you onside for advice with Owen Signs + other business ventures in planning.  Thanks again for your help with staff wages etc. It is hard to know what to do and it's great to get some advice from an industry professional on the matter.

We have some very exciting opportunities opening up for Owen signs and I'm keen to discuss how to best 'manage'  these. I look forward to our next session.

Pete Owen
Managing Director - Owen Signs Newcastle Lambton NSW www.owensigns.com.au

Johns business acumen in the signage sector is something that I would urge any company looking to improve their business to tap into. KIM software is a solution we have been dreaming of for a long while, this coupled with Johns extensive knowledge and detailed training outline will allow you to leverage this product to achieve great personal and business benefits.KIM enables you to work smarter not harder, my only regret is that we didn’t enlist John for training earlier… I may just have got a couple of extra surfs in, in the meantime due to the control we have gained using KIM to its full potential.

John Brown-Neaves
Business Manager SIGNCODE Australia Bibra Lake WA - signcode.com.au

“I’ve been to a few of your seminars at sign trade shows now, the motivating information you offer is always a great inspiration and I thank you for that.”

Bob Kolody Director
D-Signs & Promotional Devonport, Tasmania - d-signs.com.au

I attended your seminar at the Visual Impact Expo. It was great to here from someone who had hands on experience within our industry. A lot of what you said seemed to be pretty much common sense and information we were already aware of, however it is the role of a good teacher to put it all together and deliver it in a way that people can absorb and make sense of. In this regard you did a fantastic job. We at Queensland Signage Solutions are very interested in your software and are seriously considering purchasing it in the near future, we feel it will help to streamline our business and lift our professionalism within the industry. Keep up the great work it is comforting to know there are innovative people such as you raising the bar within the industry.

Walter Robinson
Queensland Signage Solutions Townsville

John, thank you so much for everything! We really enjoyed the training with you, and learned so much. I’ve come back to Townsville feeling really motivated, and excited to implement KIM into our business. 
I feel like we’ve only just scratched the surface of our potential, and have so much opportunity to grow – especially with your help! We are so lucky to have you as a mentor, willing to share your wealth of knowledge and experience with us. 
Thanks again for everything; we really appreciate the time you took to spend training with us.

Tenille Townsend
The Digimen Townsville www.thedigimen.com

Thank you for your insight and expertise in the area of personality profiles.  I found it very helpful in understanding what motivates people and the way you can use this to benefit production.

Kym Kirkwood
Mackay Stickers and Signs www.stickersandsigns.com.au

Just wanted to email you to thank you for my Mentoring over the past few years.....  It is now time for me to fly solo..... so to speak.  I believe I have a good grasp of things now...  I thank you for all you have done for me and Wolf Signs, it was more than I would have hoped for.  Once again thank you for everything.

Andrew Crisan
Wolf Signs Pty Ltd  www.wolfsigns.com.au