Brain Storming

Why Brain Storm your business?

The aim is to ask relevant questions which endeavour to provoke many possible answers.  Having selected a group of people from areas within the business, you then place the people around a table or seating area and we pose a single question to yield many answers.

These are directed to the business areas split as shown in the download.
Typical Questions:

  • "How can we improve creativity,
    productivity & FUN at ...?"
  • "How can we improve safety at....?"

"What is our market and how can we improve sales.....?"

What is the process:

We set the scene with a personalised Power Point Presentation, it's a bit of fun and assists in preparing your staff and you to 'let loose' and answer the one "killer" question aimed to highlight what issues are around the nominated question.

Why is the process so effective?:

Find what the staff issues are quickly:

  • Find business improvement tips from within
  • Creates better communication
  • Raises issues on increased productivity
  • Increases the overall business knowledge (usually hidden)
  • Builds team respect
  • Offers the REAL answers to many issues
  • ...just to name a few
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